Distribution Center will not distribute Crude Oil


I have a distribution center that will not distribute Crude Oil. It has 1000 crude oil in its storage. It also correctly identifies 5 consumers in its radius (Blue Science Pack Factories). When I connect a road to the output lane, nothing happens. No oil is ever distributed to the blue science pack factories.

Edit: SOLVED. I had a disconnected Crude Oil Pipe line beneath the Blue Science Pack Factories, so the road network was ignoring them.

Improvement suggestion: Distribution Centers should not identify consumers that are connected to a Pipe network if that means they are going to ignore the buildings in a road network. This was a pretty difficult edge case to troubleshoot given I had to look underground and then infer the buildings were being ignored due to the pipes, even though the Distribution Center identified them as consumers. Could you update it so the Centers do not identify Pipe network buildings as consumers? Thanks!

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I had the same problem, then noticed another center that also covered them, reducing that ones range (and then increasing it again) and swapped the buildings over to the other center

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This is only a temporary solution, because the info of buildings belonging to distribution center is not saved. Every time you load a game, it can change.

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Seconded. Overlapping distribution centers is just generally a bad idea unless you very much know what you’re doing.

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I didn’t have overlapping centers. It was only one in the entire game for that resource.

The issue was a set of disconnected crude oil pipes under the buildings that were identified as consumers. So the distribution center identified the buildings as consumers, and had 1000 crude oil (trucked in) but would not deliver it because there was a disconnected crude oil pipe below the consumer buildings. So they got no oil from either source. I eventually figured this out and reconnected the pipeline, and deleted the distribution center since they don’t really make sense for something that can be piped.

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well in my case collection center disconnects from distribution center, only noticed as demand went up and nothing was being moved.also nothing gets moved then also

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