Distribuiton Collection Center Megaplex (amazon style)

So ive been playing around with this game a lot. trying all sorts of methods on balancing roads and trains to meet the demands of the city and making it more productive. with little and no success and it constantly knocking down buildings and population because of demand not being met at some point or another for some resource or another even though they are being delivered.

However i have found the lack of ability use distribution centers and collection centers extremely lacking. What do i mean by this? well i have many multiple factories full outgoing storage not sending them anywhere. and the collection and distribution centers empty but vehicles constantly moving in and out as if it isnt even there. seems odd to me and i dont understand it myself.

most production areas require other buildings nearby to allow better efficiency. however since distribution and collection centers dont do the job of what they claim to be. since they are locked down to 1 item and cannot collect within a district or road network (as they should) but instead do a radius.

this radius breaks how the game plays and prevents buildings getting resources if in a different road network or district.

now i understand how things should work. but if housing can take in multiple products and so can train stations why cant the distribution centers? the massive oversight of the potential of these buildings is missed.

So i propose we reinvent the distribution and collection centers.
What i mean by this is we make these centers be able to accept multiple products in defined by a list. perhaps add a list system. start with the sand collections icon then a slider for capacity beside it and a plus below to add another resource.

then at the bottom add where the centers get fulfilled from or distribute to.

so a factory district that produces electronics, Nano Processors, microchips collects these in 1 center rather than 3 because the components are interchangeably used in the same district.

Here is an example of what would be a good collection to both distribution and collection centers.

so when they need to be delivered to the proper areas it can quite easily from one center rather than many dotted around. and a million of them everywhere taking up lots more space than necessary.

Also Note when collection centers are present in multi factory areas they deprive the other factories of resources if the output of the collection centers is setup to be in a different road network or direct to population centres.

I’d be happy if they obeyed district limits; I think it would accomplish much the same thing and leverage an existing system.

In my city, the single resource per center is not very limiting because there’s only so much outgoing traffic a single center can push so I’d need to break them up anyway if I were using them. Which I’m not, because of all the problems you mentioned.

i do agree outgoing traffic may be an issue but i just thought of another thing. why not two inputs on one side and two outputs on the otherside? so we can separate the centers for highways to destinations and such. gives us a buffer system and more storage so we dont have mass downgrades in our cities when trying to manage size or move a few things.

i cant count the number of times i have had a complete city wiped out when i move a factory around or add on to it and things are waiting on truck deliveries. and then i need to either dissmantle the city completely or wait slowly for the impossibly long rebuild of population.

Sure. I’d love that. :smiley: More inputs/outputs on larger train stations would be great too. I don’t know if either of those things fit in with Daniel’s vision for the game, but I wouldn’t complain.

Twice today for me. :dizzy_face: Both times it was my own stupidity and not paying attention to resource shortages until it was too late to do anything but watch the damage unfold… and it does take a while to coax pop back in, but that’s an art in and of itself that I’m getting better at as time goes on.

You can do this quite easily with a mod I think. In fact it’s in my modding backlog to make the bigger stations bigger. That includes more roads, too. 2, 4, 6 or 8 rails and the station building and roads are actually the same? I think this can be improved.

Maybe this mod serves your needs :grin:

It’s… beautiful. :smiley: The larger train stations are kind of hamstrung by the limited number of outputs, so I think this is pretty thematic. Do you know if Daniel has locked workshop mods to Steam users only? I have the GOG version of the game, so sometimes getting Steam workshop mods can be a PITA.

I don’t know but I doubt it. If you can get a hold of the files and put them into the mods folder next to the saves folder and treat them as local mods, then they probably work the same way alright.

You can go to the mod section of the forum, look for the modding tutorial and try downloading the example mods from there. If you can make at least the simplest one (automated blue science factory) work, then other people’s mods should be fine, too. Just note that some or maybe most of the example mods might not be compatible with the current version of the game in the first place, regardless of whether you’re steam or GoG. But the blue science one should still do.

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i do agree the multiple rails do help in that mod. and its quite useful since we cannot change the direction of the default roads on buildings as of yet.

but that doesnt clear up the distribution and collections centres.

Also plan to do a mod for this, but probably not too soon.

No plan yet to make a mod for collection and distribution centers. But you could try to do it yourself! (This would be a very difficult project.)

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