Discussion about illness and broken limbs

I want to open a discussion about the frequency of illness and broken limbs. I think the current frequency is too high. I have the maximum number of colonists (eleven) and my Doctor often seems to be the busiest person. I reckon that I get two or more hurt or broken limbs every single day. As for illness; someone gets Flu most days, sometimes every day. If the Flu treatment fails, it can quickly escalate into the death of the colonist :cry: I wonder what other players think about this, or maybe the Devs are considering re-balancing this aspect of the game?

Balancing is something we’re still working on. As far as I know, breaking bones should happen a bit less often in Alpha 8. If we get more feedback like yours we’ll think about it for the next update. :wink:

Just saw a bug there, the time was set differently than I thought.

We’re gonna release this with the update today and see how feedback changes :slight_smile:


Thanks! Good to know.

Thanks Daniel.

I’m going to start a new game using version 8, and it will take a while before I can tell how the frequency of illness and broken (or hurt) limbs is working now.

Have any other players been commenting on this subject?

Thanks again for all the love and care you and the rest of the Devs are putting into this game :smile:

I’m going to keep my version 7.5.1 files archived, in case I want to reference back to them at any time… Could be useful for comparison purposes.

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I haven’t seen anyone comment on it. I don’t enjoy it, especially since it always seems to be the same colonists, but there is not much in the game to add difficulty, so it’s not too bad. Plus I’m used to Rimworld where people lose fingers and eyes and legs all the time :rofl:

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