Disappearing contructions when I load a party

Hello ,when i load a party my walls and floors disappear. I hope you can fix this bug .

Bonjour , quand je charge une partie mes murs et sols disparaissent. J’èspere que vous pourrez fixer ce bug.

Bonjour @SuVues_94 and welcome to the forum!
I’m sure I can figure it out, but I need your save file to investigate. Have a look at this post to see how to find it. You can send it to daniel@foundersfortune.com.

same thing but not only walls and floor disappeared but also all equipment and belonings became useless. happened to me after plundering the merchant :no_mouth:

i have sent u the savegame

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I sent you an email with a backup.

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Thanks for the saves @SuVues_94 and @Raistorm, fixed in 7.5