Disabling specific buildings

I think it would be a lot better if I were able to disable or lower the efficiency of certain buildings, because I have a problem that for example I have iron miners for electronics and iron miners for steel, if I increased the steel production it will give me a warning that the iron production is relatively low. if i’m not calculating everything and not throwing iron miners here and there, it’ll be hard for me to know which part needs more iron miners. and vice versa, if the iron production for steel is more than the consumption, i’ll need to lower it without the need to remove the whole building and without lowering the whole iron efficiency which will affect the electronics production.
I hope I made the point clear enough. and thank you again.

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Are you thinking something like this: Suggestion - Better worker allocation - #3 by LadyZowy


Yes, that solution would actually help solve the problem. I hope they apply that soon. Thank you very much.

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