Different difficulty requirements

So as I mentioned, I’m only playing dangerous games.
Do the needs etc vary in difficulty also, from easy to difficult?
The thing I’m finding hard to understand is that as they progress, in my situation now wanting houses with 5 rooms, without actually having got this far before how is it possible to know how big we need to build from the beginning. If it’s purely by trial and error then I would argue that it’s a little frustrating to spend (to date 30 hours) only to find that I need to repeat the entire game process but factor in much much larger initial houses.
There then is the possibility that having done this I find that they then require, say, 6 or more rooms.

As you mentioned Daniel, I have (or seemed now to have) huge houses, however as they gradually get split up into smaller and smaller rooms by division, they then get arbitrarily stuffed with duplicate furniture etc. as they demand what is already in another room. However as I understand it they will not all want all of the same things and so this may or may not happen.
Added to this is the presumed (just about to try) fact that after dividing up the main house into 5 rooms, these divisions are ‘set’ as the new rooms and so cannot be adjusted to fit this ever growing clutter :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve edited this to attach the image showing this predicament, where now the room is totally filled and if he asks for anything else then it is impossible to achieve without building him an entirely new home, as I see it.

Hopefully I’ve been clear enough in explaining. Bear in mind that I’m not moaning, just reasoning :slight_smile:

Alright, so first things first: The needs don’t vary by difficulty, except that they get hungry more quickly in the dangerous world.

The final requirement for his living environment is a house with 5 rooms. I was thinking when the expectations rise, you can move the new guys into the old houses and build new things for the most senior colonists. Maybe that’s not what a specific player has in mind for his colonists but I think on lower difficulties that’s less of an issue because there is less things to worry about. You certainly shouldn’t have to start from the beginning, but it should be possible to adapt to the new requirements.

You added the food shelves in the room to show your point right? I assume you know they just need to have them in their house :slight_smile:
Anyways, your point is valid. There are two responses:

  1. For now, it should be possible to just make the bedroom larger by moving it’s wall or merging it with another room. Would that solve, or at least alleviate the problem?
  2. Basically the issue is that too many wishes are bedroom-focused. In the new update, the colonists have a much better sense of “who possesses what” so it should be possible to make more house-focused wishes. I’ve noted it down.

How’s this run been going? I’m amazed that you got >1.000 food on this difficulty but on the other hand it seems like you have a lot of farmers. Are you not a fan of the farming outfit?

Thanks for the response.

I didn’t fill the room like that to make the point no; it just happened like that, which was the the main reason really for asking about this.

To clarify; the footprint of the main house was built when I post my first image, so the divisions into firstly 3 rooms and then 5 came later, so it’s just that I made his bedroom with pretty much the walls you see.

When he started asking for stuff I did try to move the walls to make room but that did not work. They still ‘see’ the original divisions as set and so any rearrangement is ignored, thus making me have to completely fill the room as it was shown. Clearly not a good aesthetic :stuck_out_tongue:

So basically he had everything in his house that he, now, has also in his bedroom, hence the confusion. He ignores (as they all do) anything they already have.
Is this not supposed to happen then? Could it be a bug with my game or can this be tested at your end to confirm more quickly?

Regarding this run; this is the same game that I began and initially beat all the goblins in, making me want to continue to test everything. So I have rehoused them all from their initial beginnings and have taken the colony size to its maximum to see how it all pans out.
All I am doing now is keeping them happy and farming whist I build a bit more in terms of decoration.
All valuable data :slight_smile:
What I tend to do is switch them all apart from one or two to farming, purely for expediency in the growing months and this time mainly due to fact that I keep having my wheat harvest wiped out by bugs :stuck_out_tongue:
I did get lucky I guess this current year and have managed to gather an enormous amount of wheat.
They are greedy little bastards however so it really is playing catch-up.
I expect there to be zero food/satisfaction issues within 2 cycles regardless.
I will get them all outfitted this cycle as I believe it makes some difference to harvesting, no?

One thing I have noticed (and is the majority of that food total) is that tomatoes in early game were hit hard by bugs but in late game it is almost always the wheat, which seems weird but I guess is just random, unless you can say different. So out of my current total I have 1102 tomatoes and hovering around 600 wheat.
Strawberries are a pain it seems and if they get bugged then it’s a zero harvest pretty much.

Bottom line so far is that it remains fun but still challenging on a turn-by-turn basis to maintain optimum happiness. I have it sussed now and cannot wait to see what more stuff you come up with for it.

EDIT: I remembered that I noticed that when they ask for more rooms, although it says colonist x want 3 large rooms it’s possible to actually just divide off some tiny areas and it will fulfil the wish. I found this out too late for my example however :stuck_out_tongue:

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I see.

When you say “they’re ignoring what they already have”, do you mean

  1. They generate a wish for a dresser even though a dresser is already in their room?
  2. When they have a wish for a dresser, moving a dresser into their room doesn’t work?

The first one is a bug while the second one is an unfortunate reality of the game design in Alpha 6 :smiley:

Work is being done on this: pssst… :wink:

Thanks for all the info :slight_smile:

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It went like this:

They had all they wanted in terms of furniture.
They wanted 3 rooms, then 5 rooms.
In dividing up the house first into 3 rooms, then into 5 rooms they began asking for the same things they already had in, now, the other rooms.
Moving the items has no effect, as you noted.

I suppose there is a possibility that If they already had all these items in the same room that I created when I divided the house, then that may have been ok.
But this doesn’t really make sense in terms of a house layout.
It would mean having (from the outset) a large enough house to later divide into 5, yet from the start only to ever build items that were always going to exist within their bedroom (again as you noted it is too bedroom-centric)

So I guess future updates will address these inconsistencies :slight_smile:

Interestingly enough, I am unable to test some little things, ( like my theory that in order to fulfil the 5 rooms it is only necessary to build 4 little cupboard spaces) as although half of my houses are large and very full of beauty, the rest of the colonists are perfectly happy and do not want even 3 rooms…weird…no envy, no wish for more stuff…

EDIT: Just checked and in that tiny stuffed room I moved an item, he asked for it again, I moved it back and it has no effect.

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Yeah, it depends on colonist seniority. The guys that have been there since the beginning expect to live in the big houses and the new guys are ok with less :slightly_smiling_face:

Hehe…suckers :stuck_out_tongue:
Surprised they’re not all on strike!