Destroy goblin camps

I’ve destroyed a goblin camp and noticed no new one appear. what happens if I destroy all the camps do I win the game?
On a side note I also found that if you kill the gobs in a camp and leave the dead bodies it will kill off the new spawning goblins I had a goblin camp where I killed 2 out of 3 huts and the gobs and the remaining hut would spawn goblins however they would ultimately die I’m assuming of disease which just stacked dozens of bodies up on top of one another over and over I have a mountain of dead gobs at that camp

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Hmm, in my opinion you can not really win a settlement game. It’s about development of the village/city. If you don’t have any to add or omit you could speak of “winning”.

After destroying all tikigoblin camps there won’t appear new ones. Your people are alone on the island now. They could have a feast or/and mourn the dead :man_shrugging::slightly_smiling_face:.
You may be haunted by revenge spirits in later versions of the game or by relatives of tikigoblins who come over the sea to seek revenge. :smiley:

This tikigoblin’s “desease” is simply hunger :wink: . Surely you have destroyed their cauldrons with the green fluid. That is their food :yum:. Without that they starve over a time.