Design choices or possible bugs as of 7.6.149

  1. Research Labs throw away all of their stored Science Packs after completing a research task.

  2. A mouse-over of the Science tab during research will show the percentage complete. If you leave the mouse there, the number does not update to reflect progress. Also the percentage is rounded to nearest rather than down, so for late game technologies it can show 100% complete before the last needed science packs arrive.

  3. When an Adamantine Drill is in production, overlay box in the upper right corner shows mining/minute and total production figures. I have not seen the total production number change from 0 despite my drill having produced 20 units of adamantine.

  4. Placing Red Science or Iridium Propellant buildings in proximity to the drill does not show an efficiency bonus.

  5. With 83% Industrial Robots at the drill, the workforce was only reduced by 1.

On point 3, I did not have a construction materials depot downstream of the drill. Once I added that, it received the adamantine and counted it.

3 you got it.

5 Industrial robots only reduce the workforce by 1. Your robot is at 83% durability and needs to be replaced when it goes to 0%.