Crashes computer after reaching city level 6

I am reporting this as a bug but it may just be the limits of the game. Ever since my city hit level 6 it has a tendency to crash and lock up. I can’t seem to put a pattern to it its very random.
I have a Dell computer running Windows 11 with 16 megabites of memory. My graphics card is a Geforce RTX 2060 with 16 megs of dedicated memory. This is the only game I play that does this. Even Planet Zoo, which is notorious for locking up after getting a lot of animals in the game , doesn’t lockup my computer. It only slows it down.
Perhaps if we had a way of slowing or limiting the megahertz it would work better.

With only 16MB of RAM and 16MB VRAM I’m surprised you can even boot your pc with Win11.
PS. The RTX 2060 comes in 6GB, 8GB and 12GB variants, there is no 16MB (GB) RTX 2060.

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I rechecked my system and your right its 12gb dedicated memory on the RTX 2060 but everything else is right. As for booting my system under Windows 11 I have no problem whatsoever. Since Windows 11 specs call for 8gbs to run properly. It was suppose to read gbs not mbs.

I knew what you ment but was having a dk-moment.
I also think I know what your problem might be, as it sounds very similar to a problem I used to have.
Does your game crash after about 30-60 mins?
If yes, your save is corrupted and the auto-save feature is causing your game to crash

Ok lets say thats it . What did you do about it?

Unfortunately there is no fix.
I had the luck that a patch fixed my issue but it seems to have come back

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