Cotton bush erase

Hello, I have started houses near some cotton bushes but I cant build anything over it. Is there any way of “digging” them out? I could not be able to figure it out.

Thanks for response.

No, I think there is no way to eradicate the cotton bushes. Perhaps a security function to not run out of cotton.

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There’s a permanence to cotton bushes and apple trees. I did open a thread about this, suggesting that being able to “move” them, rather than eradicating them would be a nice “quality of life” improvement. :yum::yum:

It would be nice if we could create cotton plantations / apple orchards ourselves in advanced research.


Great idea! You should DM Daniel…

Rene already replied to your post, DM might be a bit overkill. I get the impression they devs read these forums pretty often already.


I think you’re right. This particular suggestion has generated lots of posts, so I’m sure the Devs are up to speed on it…

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We’re aware of the problem and will try to come up with a solution :wink: I think adavnced reseach is a good way to lock of cotton plants and apple trees at first. The bigger problem is: How do we prevent unexperienced players from accidently deleting these in the beginning. :sweat_smile:

Make removing them use the same advanced research? Or one right before it?


I agree with Xaviien. The ability to move cotton bushes and apple trees should be locked behind late game research. That would stop new players from losing a valuable resource by mistake. In any case, you shouldn’t need to move them until the demand for separate housing kicks in, which is a long way into the game.