Copying layouts of city blocks

adding the ability to copy city blocks and build full replicas would be great. i build hab blocks in a pattern and each one takes 30 mins to build and lay out.

I would like to offer a counter argument and an alternative to your suggestion.
Rapid expansion is the number 1 colony killer. Buildings demanding or supplying resources flood your city with traffic, thus, gridlocking and starving your citizens of their supplies. This can happen with the current system, so imagine, how easily and frequently these killer waves would occur if we could place an entire district with a single click!
Now roads, on the other hand, pose no such danger. They are far more tedious to place and are the backbone of any city district. So, instead of copying districts, we should have something like the junction editor in Cities Skylines. This would allow us, to save and copy the road lay-out of a district, that we can gradually fill with the required buildings. This should be big enough (as big as the Aoe of a stadium) and flexible enough (not block the whole thing because of a small rock or bush in the way) to save us a lot of busy work.

I’ll second that approach! Copy and paste of road layouts would be pretty handy.

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i would be happy with either, the reason i wanted to copy everything is due to my play style more then anything, i like to build the whole city, then work on getting the roads and resources correct.

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