Hi there, I am having a real fun playing this game. I already set up hard mode so i have to solve more traffic which i like. I really like building big and nice intersections (after i learned how to make nice round and symetric builds. BUT after few hours (under 100 rn) I’m facing real problem. When i build some more complex intersection to make my transit efective I have to spend literally 15-60 minutes just by building single intersection…It can be easily solved by copy&paste. I already red that blueprints are not coming here but single use copy paste would be nice and can satisfy even some of the blueprint needs.
For more complex builds and larger setlements it is MUST HAVE… Imagine building and adjusting nice and symetrical intersection for an hour and then you realise that you will need exactly the same thing on the other side of the map or you have to move it by a few inches. Its realy painful thing.

Thanks for this great game and I hope soon it will get some Adamantite stuff added also some late game stuff for people like me who likes challanges :smiley:

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i cant even make intersectionssssssssssss
:sob: :sob:

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Its not that hard, use your engineering spirit.
This is one of my childs :smiley: High buffer, high through put (not yet tested :smiley: )
(imagine ctrl+c and ctrl+v and you can copypaste and not spending 30 minutes of building and adjusting it xD )

And my favourite RoundRoundabout :smiley: its saves 1/2 of distance so trucks pass only maximum of 1/2 of it :smiley: (this one is easy to build and very effective, but I want more aestetic ones :smiley:

The pain is setting up the intersection ways for cars (where they should go and where not) ctrl+c and ctrl+v can save a lot of time like this.

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i literally made better roundabout it perfect circle

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yea i kinda made it quick - because i was making it for the 3rd time xD

the supply of the city can be organized almost without road crossings, only a merger with a division into lanes and one-way traffic

the map is too big for the roads to intersect :sunglasses:

but where is the fun then? :smiley:
managing traffix and cargo delivery without intersections is kinda boring :smiley:

EDIT: Also Copy&Paste can help a lot in repetable designs of city blocks and factories. (not only road designs)

Move it mod infraspace WHEN WILL IT RELEASE

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