Cooking Problems

Is anyone else unable to produce Grilled Meat on the campfire or is it just me, am I missing something?
I have 24 raw meat and a heap of wood. When I select Grilled Meat on the campfire the plus button does nothing and no info appears like when I hover over potato’s and tomato’s.

I may be missing something as this is my first time playing, and I really need some sort of tutorial lol

Hi Rebecca and welcome :slight_smile:

The only thing that comes to mind is that you may already have a cooking production line that is full?

You can only have 3 items on the ‘to cook’ listing - the 4th is blanked out. So you would have to cancel one of the other items to reintroduce the grilled meat.

Thankyou! Yes I have set 3 tasks, I had no idea about the 3 item limit. I knew it would be something simple lol Thanks for your reply!

I can’t get them to cook on campfire. :frowning: Tried diff things still Nope.

Hi MagentaMage,

There may be a few different things to try:

Does the Foundy have the skills to actually cook on the fire?
They will require their Farming skills to be upgraded to ‘Cooking at Campfire’ on their Professions, when they have gained a point from experience at farming.

Once they gain that skill, then it should be just selecting your farming Foundy and right clicking on the Camp Fire and ordering what raw food you need cooked - as the above image shows.

If you still have problems, just reply and we will work through it :slight_smile:

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Thanx Bunches roo, Got it! Can cook now. I forgot the hammer thingy. hehehehe Much Apreciated! HAG1

I’m mostly new to the game. What’s a quick way to gain that skill? I have to start a new game because three of my four people died of starvation when I ran out of apples, picked all I could, bought all I could, and have plenty of raw meat but can’t cook on a campfire yet. :smile:

In the beginning it’s recommended to rely on tomatoes, potatoes and other raw food that doesn’t require cooking. Basically focus on farming.

Farming should level up automatically when people do farm work, but you can also use the bookshelf to have them learn about a topic more quickly.

Hi Austruck,

Posted an answer on your original post :slight_smile: