Construction Material Storage

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The construction material storage building desperately, to my mind, needs an output road on it. I find that I have to delete the building until I’m getting low on building resources because it just creates unnecessary traffic. How does the building work? Do the factories that need steel, concrete or adamantine get filled first and then what is left over goes to the construction storage?

Hope someone can set me straight on this and let me know if any fixes are planned.

Any concrete and steel that is produced gets distributed to the nearest factories or material storage facilities that need it.
The difference between factories and the material storage is that the storage has an infinite demand and consumes forever.

Have you looked at separating the production line for concrete and steel a bit from the rest of your network?

And you should try districts where you can tell the producing district where it is allowed to send resources to. There you can exclude the material storage and point it at your industries.

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ok thanks Tuxle for the info. I tried districts initially but I found them confusing and the process a bit convoluted. instead I just use collection and distribution networks and I can pause the game and click on any vehicle and see its route and destination. This is only my first run through the game and I’m on easy mode too so I guess I’m going to have to get a bit more organized to be able to do the harder game modes. I’m going to do what you suggested though and move steel and concrete away from high traffic areas.

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