Confirmation dialog for destructive actions

When clicking the trashcan button to destroy a previously built item such as a crafting station, please add an “Are you sure?” Yes/No dialog.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve clicked on the little trashcan button mindlessly thinking I am closing the bottom UI popup for a crafting station or other container object. Since the UI goes away because the object was deleted, you don’t realize what you did until you come back to look for it. I’ve accidentally deleted so many crafting stations and armor/weapon racks that it’s gotten annoying. I’m getting better at not clicking that darn trashcan button, but it still happens almost from muscle memory sometimes.

Hi @SkunkMonkey
I think the solution to this problem is some work on your muscle memory.
It’s already really long to erase a field when you have to Clic, Erase, Clic, Erase, Clic, Erase
So if we had a third button to confirm, it would take forever
It would be awesome if we could use the Suppr. Button like : Left Clic, Suppr. Left Clic, Suppr.
Erasing huge field using both hands would be way faster :slight_smile:

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Hi SkunkMonkey,

lol… I agree and also beat you on accidental deletes.

My first game I deleted the food cupboard, tables, stonemasons workshops and other sundry items a number on times.
But for me the coup de grace was the fire place that I deleted at least 15-20 times in the 3 years of that first game and 4 times in a single game day. Tears of laughter and frustration fell upon the keyboard… :stuck_out_tongue:

I didn’t realize what I was doing in the game until I read an earlier post about the trash can, so I started a new game and did much better in conserving wood and stone :smiley:

Yes it is very much muscle memory when you are totally focused in game play and hard to eradicate.

The only problem with a dialogue box is that it would get a bit tiresome if you were removing a large field of vegy gardens or similar.

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Moving the trash can to a different spot within that window might be a nice QOL improvement for some players.

You can click > drag to delete fields now since 0.9.

Thanks dude, I’ve never seen this button !
Time saving _

Yeah, it seems like moving the trashcan and seeing how it goes might be the best option :+1:

I’d still like to see a confirmation dialog for things like containers and large, expensive crafted objects. It could even be used to display what resources you might recover or other information to the user to help in deciding if they truly want to proceed.

The location of the delete button is only one of a few reasons it’s a problem. Sometimes you can have the wrong item selected or you could just have a twitchy finger. It’s just one of those things that one would expect to see on such a destructive command when there could be ramifications beyond just the object being deleted.

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Hi Daniel,

I think the trash can is in a good spot atm, actually hard to think of a new place that would also be as convenient to players.

My problem was not initially really understanding what the trash icon meant, plus being in a rush in that early game and wanting to close open windows quickly.

After conservatively losing over 500 wood and 300 stone in that first game, I have really learnt my lesson and much more careful closing windows. Its just a case of me learning and adapting.

Hi SkunkMonkey,

Agree with your thoughts on destroying larger items, though I did destroy my cooking fire 15-20 times :smiley:

A confirmation box would have really helped me in my first game, though I have got much better at not destroying things so much :stuck_out_tongue: lol…

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Fortunately, I haven’t accidentally destroyed things, but I have at times struggled to figure out how to destroy things that were in the way. So in that line of thinking, perhaps a totally different solution: what about a button you click first, before clicking the thing you want to destroy. Like a bulldozer you see in some citybuilders?

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That exists as well.
There are actually a lot of different way to delete objects in this game!

In the build menu, that little trash can icon on the right can be clicked to enter “bulldozer mode”.

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You just blew my mind! Yay! Thanks for letting me know :smiley:

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Would it be better (probably not easier for DEVs :stuck_out_tongue: ) to allow the player to hit the “DELETE” button on their keyboard to destroy selected placed items? I personally find it rather tedious to click an object, then click the trashcan (adding another dialog box to this as a third step would make it even more-so in my opinion) Especially when deleting multiple objects.

Just a thought :blush:


Ok, it seems like the best solution would be to

  • add a dialog for expensive items only
  • see if the button can be moved to appear less like a window closing button
  • add “delete” as a hotkey

I put it on a nice to have list :slight_smile:


Concerning the location of the delete button: The addition of an actual close (Red button with an X) button along with moving the delete button down below it might be the best solution. This would give mouse users two explicit options with no confusion.

I’m glad you see the reasoning in a confirmation dialog. Honestly, it’s something would expect with such actions.


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The delete key would be great, as I still hit it occasionally looking to remove something.

Though in my hands that could be dangerous :rofl: