Concrete and Steel factories not exporting after 14/07 update

I have a concrete and steel production area and since the latest update on the 14/07/2023 i have found that i have a number of factories that will stop production because their export is backlogged.

I have even started a new map and this happens on a newly created map. As you can see from the screenshot there are a number of factories that are not producing as they are all full.

I have tried making sure all the roads allow unidirectional flow. I also made sure that all intersections have every direction enabled to every other direction but this doesn’t seem to make a difference.
As a description of the situation isn’t easy to debug I tried to attach a save but the upload link won’t allow the file type.


One other thing I was suppose to mention and forgot to was that the Production overview suggest that i am not able to keep up with domain for iron-ore yet my Iron mins are sitting idle with either storage full as per screenshot

in this particular map the only buildings requesting iron-ore are the steel mills at the top of the pic so i know it isn’t being caused by miss calcuations of supply amounts else where on the map.

Something else that i seem to have run up against is that requirements of odd resources doesn’t get satisfied when buildings only export resources in even numbers

You need to build more Construction Material Storages.
The new large storage is bugged and therefore useless, because it only request 1 truck each second.

A temporary solution is to build a lot of small Construction Material Storages.
One small storage for two factories on medium difficulty, or one storage for each factory on hard difficulty.

Thanks for the reply @Chieri … hopefully the bug can get sorted easily as it will be super useful to get 6 lanes of resources ingested.
1 big storage vs 6 small storages just scratches that OCD itch of mine for some reason.

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