Combat Mode Button

I have been noticing that their are a lot of posts with game problems that eventually lead back to the combat mode button being left on.

When I first started playing I found that I had left the Combat Mode button on every time after a fight and still do fairly regularly. The button is small and easily ignored as I’m always busy after a battle.

Just wondering if there is any option to have a Pop Up message appear 2 minutes after you have defeated the goblins to remind you of the Combat Mode button still being left on? Or a message 3-5 minutes after you initially click it on?

Would be interested in other players thoughts and/or problems with the Combat button.

This discussion has come up before. I suggested changing the yellow colonist icon background to a flashing red, or at least something more obvious than the yellow. Or maybe a red border around the entire screen.

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Thanks Xaviien,

Some good thoughts, though I feel that a more direct action is needed - but a red border around the entire screen would do the trick :slight_smile:

One of the problems for me is that I don’t notice a change in colours around the colonists icon, it just doesn’t register.

Another counter issue is that there are already a number of flashing pop-ups in the top right that are fairly superfluous to game play - I don’t need to know that the Trader has left (because he has gone). Also the flashing change of seasons seems overdone as I’m always waiting for it anyway (maybe in the first year for newbies), and then comes the simultaneous goblin invasion :smiley:

For me the button is only handy when getting everyone assembled in their battle gear, after that I’m trying to train myself to turn it off and just use the normal commands for actual fighting.

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I found the previous discussion, if you’re interested.

I’d rather not add a popup message if possible and explore other options.

For Alpha 9 I tried the following: When your colonist is in combat mode you can’t even send them to chop trees, mine crystals, work at the workbench and stuff like that. It will give an error saying that the colonist can’t work due to them being in combat mode.

I thought this should naturally show people that they’re in combat mode. Did it not work for you @Xaviien and @roo ?


Hi Daniel,

Your update has made my game play easier to control in Alpha 9. Thanks for that :slight_smile:

I was commentating more on other players problems in recent posts. I wonder if they were reporting about issues in Alpha 8 and bringing them along into Alpha 9? I guess if feedback problems drop off the problem is alleviated.

Oh, and yes - no more flashing pop-ups required by me :smiley:

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I’ve not had the issue due to limited play time, and actually remembering to take everyone out of combat mode.
Similar to roo, it’s more about suggestions to make everyone’s life easier.
It still seems to catch some people out, as there have been some complaints about lazy colonists in Discord, but it’s hard to tell sometimes whether that’s the issue, such as when a colonist carries their injured friend to bed, but can’t put them in if they’re in combat mode.

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The only issue i have come across with this is that “IF” i forget to end combat mode, they wont even eat or go to sleep by themselves. This is usually the reminder for me!