Colossal Adamantine Mine Still will not connect to Methane Pipes

I noted back in 2021 that there was an issue where the colossal adamantine mine will not connect to the methane pipeline, which was supposed to have been fixed. However i have no built this thing 3 times in 3 different areas and it will still not connect to methane and start drilling.

Please can someone explain to me why this will not connect or if there is a specific way of connecting this as it is now ruining my game play.

It is not possible to connect the drill to the methane pipes.
You have to use Cars to transport the methane.

I cannot get truck or trains to transport methane to the drill. i have methane pumps but they just sit there doing nothing if not connected to the pipeline. i have also used districts to direct the methane to the drill and set up a direct train line and roads so they dont go anywhere else but not working.

Any help would be appreciated


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