Colossal Adamantine Drill floating away

So I drilled a little, then stopped delivering Red Science to the drill and shut the production down. After some amount time - maybe a day of the game just running cranking out research, I noticed the drill head had left the chat. (first 2 screenshots)

I restarted the drill and everything went back to normal. I’ve since shut down production on it again and within an hour or so, it seems to be drifting away again. The drill head and drill seem to have different animations when they sit their idle just vibrating. Maybe they ‘randomly’ walk away from each other?
(last screen shot showing the bit being off-center from the drill)

Beta 1.6.285


Haha, that’s incredible :joy:
Can you send us a save where it’s currently floating?

You can find it in settings → saves folder and you can send it to


Sure, i can send you the save. When i load it initially it looks fine. But after some time it just randomly drifts around :sweat_smile:

Functions fine when its actually producing though

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