Colonist teleports into ocean

So Bob gets knocked unconscious during battle. I get someone to drag him to bed but they can’t get him through the doorway. After repeated attempts to drag his body through the doorway I paused the game and removed the wall since he was bleeding to death. After I unpaused the game Bob teleported into the ocean. He is conscious now but cant walk back to land (and is quite depressed about the whole ordeal).

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Haha, oh my god. Poor Bob.

Do you have the game save, so I can look at it? Send it to

I had something similar.
Trying to drag an unconscious member through a doorway.
After a few failed attempts that member sunk into the terrain, and thus only the head was above ground.
And another attempt did send that member far out in the sea (to a corner of the map), and completely below the surface.
For to eventually die from starvation.

Reminds me of the goblins going through the same. Body physics and gravity? If a body is found in water it should be pushed toward acceptable ground, same if anything’s below ground, probably want to port them to water and have them pushed.

Yeah, it’s a physics thing. The ragdolls look funny but are hard to get right. Not sure if we should invest more time to make ragdolls work or just use animations completely and be done with it.

Starting from Alpha 7.3 or 7.4 conscious colonists stuck in the ocean should be teleported onto dry land as quick “fix”.