Colonist payment with coins

When you start a colony, some colonists want a minimum of 5 per day. Is there a way where the colonist wants this later in the game instead of when the colony is established? Sometimes the first colonists that is just came to the island with just their clothes on their back or the colonist that just came right after the colonists had just got food and a sleeping spot to want this. If I were these colonists I would want to have food and a place to sleep first. It is not a game breaking issue, just a query.

Is the colonists wants completely random?

I believe there is some randomness to it, modified by what technology you have researched. So far, I haven’t seen a new colonist want a regular pay-day, almost upon arrival. I have seen some that wanted a one-time reward pretty early on in the game. If you have the coin, it’s worth it. Otherwise you’ll have to find some other way to please them.

Thanks. Maybe it is totally random.

Hi @Windy4sun!

In the beginning you’ll only get this one-time big payday wishes.
You don’t need to fulfill them in order to progress the colony and you can even decline the wish if you can handle their mood penalty.

The expectation for a regular salary goes up depending on your total number of colonists.

Thank you @Daniel and @Marcomer for clearing this up. I appreciate the feedback. Denying the colonists gives a big hit in the mood especially in the beginning of the game. I tend to either ignore or only fulfill the easy stuff until I can get the colonists at least their basic needs met.

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