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I started playing InfraSpace yesterday and am encountering a few bugs. One of them is the City Level Tutorial: The tutorial points to the “Production” button, but when clicking it, the Production Overview opens, but the tutorial does not continue.

I did a bit of research and it seems City Levels have been removed, so I assume this tutorial should also be removed? I can only exit it by pressing ESCAPE, but afterwards, no other tutorial will appear anymore… Am I missing a few tutorials here? (Would be very helpful as a newbie, since I couldn’t figure out, for example, how to build a road into the river bed).

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You cant build roads into the river bed. You have to research the Cargo Gondolas and build a Gondola to access the river bed.

Thanks, I just did that. But how does it transport the methane then? Somehow trucks don’t seem to pick up my methane - I connected the methane drills and gondolas to the road, but nothing moves. Outgoing storage of the methane drills are full.

Could the reason be that my only methane consumer - the spaceship construction facility - is far away?

/EDIT: I also connected pipes and am transporting the methane up to a methane tank - but trucks don’t pick it up there either.

/EDIT2: Okay, I just removed the pipes; now trucks are running. Let’s see :slight_smile:

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