City Level Downgraded to Level 2

Enjoying the game. Can’t figure this out.

I have 1,044 residents, 927 jobs, and 1,044 spaces to live.
My Habitats continue to be upgraded and everything is clicking away in a growth-oriented way.

However, my City Level 3 was then downgraded to City Level 2 (right after applying the recent patch) and now I cannot continue to research.

I thought maybe it would just click back to Level 3 or even Level 4 (which I certainly appear to be ready for here…) but nope. City level 2. I did complete all the City Level 3 Research, btw.

What could I be missing?

You didn’t mention if your residences still have all resources. Oxygen, computers, food, etc. If any of those run down, the residence will revert to its previous level. If enough of them do, I imagine downgrade would be the next step.


I created 32 Habitats connected to all Resources, Factories, and a Starport.
I created another 24 Habitats not connected to the city, but with their own Starport.
Both compounds have direct access to plenty of their own Oxygen and SurvivalFood.

In any case, I’ve started a new Game with the Friday’s patch. So far, limited to City Level 2.

I just now connected the lower village to the main city and waiting for their ParkPoints and Computers to top off… We’ll see.
350 Total inhabitants in this new one. City Level 2 still. Habs are upgrading. Wating to see.

Sounds like you’re overbuilding. I just started a new build and have 135 residents and am level three. Build up slowly and let the buildings get up to level before adding more. If you build too fast, you’re just going to play catch-up.

if u are at level 2 and have 60% population upgraded to level 3 then u get city level 3 and u can research level 3… but if your level 3 amount of population falls unde 55% by addding new level 1 population or by growing the level 1 to level 2 ( this getting u 2 more/ habitat) than your city will be downgraded an u need to have again 60% pop of level 3 to reach again level 3 town.