City blocks starving for resources, connected mines full and idle

As the city grows I encountered this issue. There are more than enough mines, and many are sitting idle and full while certain city blocks end up starving for resources (iron in this case). When I check on the buildings they aren’t even showing material in route, or minimal material (4 units). I’ve seen other posts about this and the solution was distributed mines, which I have… so I’m kinda stumped on this.

i have noticed this too and it seems to happen more with trains in the supply line. also oddly i have removed the problem building and rebuilt it and that has fixed a few of them.

I’ve had this in every play through also. Destroying a produciton building and rebuilding has solved it most cases (but not for long). Problem persists with primary road or rail networking in equal measure. Have tried zoning and couldn’t get that to solve the issue either.

If the buildings aren’t showing resources en-route, it usually means one of two things. On the screen for an individual factory, you’ll see a small arrow next to the output number. Click in it, and you can see a color-coded map of the buildings it supports.

  1. There is no route from your factory to your city block. Are there any one-way streets going the wrong way to your train stations? Have you finished connecting your main routes to the city block?

  2. Do you have districts set up? Perhaps your district is not set to supply the city block with resources. If you have a factory set up to feed a district, it will not feed any unassigned districts.

  3. If you’re having this problem with trains in your supply route, there is a bug where upgraded rail networks will sometimes cause units to get stuck at a train station. The only method I’ve found to work is to delete all of the stations in that rail network and rebuild them.

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