Checking Migrant Skills

Is there a way to check a migrants skill before you accept/decline them? I hate to end up with yet another dumb limping soldier, and killing him off makes the whole camp depressed.

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Currently there is no way to check before accepting a colonist. I believe the devs mentioned they might consider a feature like this in the future, but don’t quote me on that.

If you can get the satisfaction points for it, you can remove traits instead of killing off a colonist. The relief of finally not having dumb people always makes me very happy :wink:

Hi RedTiger,

Fairly easy to check migrant skills - before you talk to or accept the migrant, make a game save.

Then reload, check out the migrants skills and if you like, just play on.

If you don’t like the skills, reload the save game and disallow the immigration and play on. With the new game release the migrant seems to come around quicker so its usually not a very long wait for a new migrant.

It a workaround that the dev’s know about and seem to accept until they can come up with a better in-game alternative.


Alternatively, saving just before the new migrant arrives allows you to reload the save to check the traits repeatedly until you get a colonist you like. It’s “scummy” and I see it as an exploit, but it is within the mechanics of the game as they stand currently.

Interesting you see it as a “mechanic that is in game”.

I would consider the view that it’s you breaking the fourth wall to your advantage. The same way, like in an app that let’s you play, save, and reload chess games. There isn’t an exploit in the mechanics of chess, but you can abuse the tool you use to play chess to change the rules.


Correct, as opposed to a game with rogue-like elements, where they actively try to prevent save scumming.
You have given us the option of selecting from multiple save games to load, which I’m sure is going to continue into the full release, right? It’s not just because we may run into game breaking bugs that prevent further advancement, but also so if something happens that we don’t like, we can load a previous save (including a manually created one from any time in the past) to try for more favourable RNG or tactics etc.

You could try to remove the ability for us to do so, but most games work this way, and it’s up to the player whether they use it or not.

I’ll admit I save scumm to get desirable villagers, but I’m willing to offer up a solution to prevent it.

Save the game seed instead of generating a new one at load time. Using the same seed should generate the same result in a pseudo-RNG. So reloading won’t change the result. I’ve played several games that do this.


I thought of this whilst making my previous reply, but was not able to properly explain what I was thinking, so just didn’t bother.

Thank you for putting my thoughts into words!

Thanks for the responses guys, quite annoying theres no way to check so seems like savescumming might be the only way, kind of makes the “Reject Migrant” button a bit redundant, because I doubt theres anything stopping you from just letting them sit there.