Change direction of input/output roads on distribution/collection centers?

Hey so, I was playing with collection and distribution centers a bit and I keep thinking it would be nice to be able to swap the input road and output road to suit my layout better. but then I went to put down a collection center and noticed the roads were swapped on the new one I just put down (see screenshot).

So, I’m wondering. Is this a glitch? or is there a manual way to swap the roads?

OH, and I looked around my City and found a distribution center where the roads are swapped too.

They changed the roads in a recent patch. But that did not update existing centers so as to not break your save. From now on every new center should have the roads swapped like you observe.

Would be great, if we could move the other road lets say to the opposite side of the building, would be much easier to connect the roads for multiple centers side by side.

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