Change Building Entrance/Driveway Direction

I am struggling with this because it screws with the whole flow of my industrial area to have people just popping out all willy-nilly where ever they want. Then to fix it, I move the other road away and lost my efficiency bonuses. Like c’mon, I just want to be able to set the direction for the entrance to buildings. The one I am struggling with right now is the microchip factory. Wasted so much material just trying to fix it that now I have to reload the save and start the process of moving things all over again.

You can try to make vertical or horizontal roads (pick whatever suits you) as Highways. That way the building entrance wont snap onto that road and it may fix your problem. Also hovertrucks move faster on highways+ :wink: Hope it helps

Thats what I usually do, but the new set up is like

||================== ||
||<=<=<=<=<=<=<=<=<= ||
||mmmmmmmmmmmm ||

m = microchip
c = computers

I want microchips to connect to top and bottom, but the bottom ones mix and match between the bottom and the one way where computers are.

This is probably my biggest issue I have. Building a new road next to existing buildings will randomly change the entrance to those buildings, messing up the traffic.

You can take screenshots of your game using F12. Spend some time and read through the various key bindings you may find some interesting ones.
Random binding of building entrance happens only in crossroads and obviously when you place buildings with a road on each side, so the easiest way to avoid this is just not to place buildings and/or roads at this arrangement.
Try something like this >>>>

You can try to rotate the buildings, the driveways snap to the other road.
Just rotate the building a few times and look if the driveway snapped to the road you want to.
At least this worked for me.

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