Cars get stuck on road even when ignore traffic is on

Even when that ignore traffic thing is on the cars will just sit in the intersection making the traffic flow percentage go extremely low. The whole point of that check box is to make it so there is never any traffic… Something is bugged with that and it needs to be fixed, it is making the game unplayable.

Can you post a screenshot of this problem?

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It is very hard to tell in a still image but where I circled there are like 100s of vehicles stacked on top of one another, they only trickle through the intersections, with the cars ignore traffic “cheat” on every vehicle should just continue through and not be stuck there…

I think I may have found the issue. It seems that the vehicles this happens to don’t know what lane to travel through in the intersections, when I bring up the intersection menu by clicking the intersection, I can than make it so every lane goes every direction and it seems to clear up the problem, there are some other vehicles getting stuck in the middle of a road not near any intersection and there is like a lane switcher you can bring up like you can with the intersection menu, when I switch those to go to every lane as well that seems to work. I think the way to fix this on the developer’s side would be to when you switch on that vehicles ignore traffic “cheat” it makes every intersection in your city both current and future have every lane going every direction or something.

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