Carrying Bug

Hey devs!

First off; I’ve been having tons of fun playing this game, keep it up!

I did run into a annoying bug tho; one of my colonist had broken his leg, I noticed that with another colonist I had the option to “carry to bed”. My colonist did carry him all the way to his bed but not IN his bed. everytime I clicked the option he dumped him next to his bed.

This happend with everyone, so my colonist could not go to sleep because he could not walk due to the broken leg and could nog sleep because everyone dumped him next to the bed.

I did eventually kinda glitched him on the bed by having two colonists either side of the bed carry spam him haha, but I’m sure thats not supposed to be needed.

I also noticed that even tho he was eventually on the bed, he did not get a “in bed” healing bonus, only when he was sleeping. (wich he could not do all the time because of the stamina bar being full)

hopefully i’ve been clear enough, feel free to contact me if you need more info!!

The problem described should be fixed yesterday with the last update 8.0.6. .
When this bug did not occur, my doctor was sitting in bed with her broken leg, bent in pain, nobody could help her. She only regenerated when she slept. When she woke up, she was holding her leg in pain again.

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