Carpet Bug?

I experience a little bug on a Hard Game.
I had 2 colonists who wished : -To have “NoTranslation” in their house.
The picture of the wish was a red carpet (I guess) so when I builded one, nothing happened.
Maybe it wasn’t a carpet who was needed.

Edit : I play in French btw. Forgot to tell

Already know have to wait to the dev come back from vacation to solve this.

Déjà connu les DEV réglerons sa après leurs vacances.

Ahhh… a bug in the carpet :stuck_out_tongue:

Snug as a bug in a rug you say?

I have seen a few people with this issue. I have come across this as well but have found (at least in my games) that the rug required is one of the first 3 options in the building menu. I have built all of the other sizes / shapes and they wouldnt work. it would only satisfy their desire with the first 3.

Im assuming in the future the “No Translation” (This is in the English version too) will be named via their sizes and shapes; “small rectangular rug” “Large round Rug” etc. and they will eventually want multiple sizes/shapes in their houses/rooms.

I can say the way it should work is that any rug fits the wish. But I’ve gotten enough reports to suspect there is a bug in the rug somewhere. I’ll try to have a look this week.

Now there’s something you don’t see often said literally.