Cargo Gondola Not Being Built but Losing Resources

I have not been able to build a cargo gondola without it disappearing and my resources still being used. I have tried reloading the save, and it still did not work. I had to redo my whole methane power supply lines since a recent update required us to use roads to move methane to the methane power plants instead of just using pipes even though it allows us to connect the power plants to pipes. I will left click the first section of the gondola and then left click the second gondola, it gets connected and built and I can drag my mouse around the screen as if I was done building but if I right click the screen to get rid of the build menu, the whole thing just disappears and still took all the resources required to build it. Don’t know if this is a isolated event to only my computer/save/game or not but thought I would bring it up anyway. (Could not post a video as that type of file is not supported, I hope that my description will suffice.)