Can't download the game

For some reason I can’t download the game, I mean, I have no mail to download It, I’ve been waiting for it for a week. If someone can help me I will appreciate it <3

Hi! Just sent you the download link manually.

Have fun!

hey just paid for the game and not sure how to download the game. help?


Hi @mo28 and thanks fort the support!

You should have gotten 2 emails from humblebundle. One confirming the purchase and the second one containing the download link. Be sure to check your spam folder.

Let me know if you can find it!

found it!!! thank you


I bought the game, one letter came to the mail, there is no second :frowning:

Did you check junk/spam @Anks?

yes, I checked, no letters

try the search option on your mail box for this title: Your Founders’ Fortune order is ready

searched: nothing found

then send a mail to Ponzel at with your email or order ID so he can look up your Steam key :slight_smile:

sent, I hope will help