Cannot load any saved games

I can open new save files but cannot open any saved games at all. It appears to be loading but sends me back to the start menu when it appears to be done. I have restarted my computer several times and it does nothing.

Hi and welcome.
Are you on Alpha 8.0.179? If so, you can send me your save file and I’ll fix it
(settings → open saves folder →

Where can I find save file?
I am changing PC and I don’t know where it’s stored.
Alpha 7.0.116

Hi. You can find save files by going to settings → open saves folder.
But @wiktorrekj, don’t send me save files that are so out of date.
The old versions have bugs that have been long fixed. Why are you out of date?

I forgot about this game for a long time and reminded myself about it week ago.

I see. I thought auto-update would have taken care of it.

I am doing a lot of things on my PC so maybe I accidentaly broke something.
Also all of my games are installed on my server (to easier back them up) so that could also be the reason.

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