Cannot interact with fallen colonist - somebody else is using that

One of my colonists broke her leg but I cannot interact with them, all options grayed out with the message “somebody else is using that” I sent an email to Daniel with the save file.
Fortunately I could start interact with them again as soon as they passed out so I did not lose them.

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Hey Brandybill.
I have had another weird issue with a broken leg. I could carry him to his bed, but I decided to pause the game, cause I thought it looked funny and wanted to show a friend. As soon as I hit play the carried person glitched a bit further on the way like in the picture below.
My doctor decided to go for some food, and let him like this for some time.

PS. This colon was moving (not from it’s location) a little, like a balloon animal in the wind.

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Hi @Brandybill and thanks for the save :smiley:
I’m going to have a look at it later.

That doesn’t look healthy, @Weerwolfboy :joy:
The ragdolls are funny, but hard to get 100% right. We’re thinking about using a different technique in the future.

To be honest… I don’t mind the ragdolls, since it doesn’t break the gameplay. I like little glitches like this, it gives something to laugh about while playing :stuck_out_tongue:

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