Buildings stop producing and requesting


Updated to the new Alpha 5.6 - 21.
The error is when reload the save, all of the buildings have stop producing and requesting.
The roads look like a ghost town.

Sending email with *.sav file

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Thanks for the email with the saves, I just released Alpha 5.6.1 with a fix!

From time to time I get a building stop producing. It will stop with the bar full and stop. I can not seem to get this bug to repeat on command. My fix for now is to delete and rebuild the building. If this happens again I will send you the save file and perhaps by then I can get the bug to repeat. I am playing 5.6.2

Never mind it seems the buildings that are stuck have their outgoing inventory full. They do not seem to take inventory to the storage building, but instead they store up a few then stop making more.

I see, that seems to be an issue with the order distribution.
If you’re talking about concrete factories or steel mills, it could help to make more storehouses for now.
If you’re talking about science pack factories, more research labs could help.

I’m hoping to have a fix for today’s update, but we’ll see if I can make it :smiley:

It is mainly things like the computer factory that is doing this right now but it is fine. As soon as I build a new habit that needs it they kick into gear and put them out.

Don’t worry, the fix made it and it’ll be released in a couple of hours :wink:

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