Building storage is too small

Here is a list of buildings that have their storage too small to be able to continuous production
Playing in Easy Transport difficulty (Delivery of 3 units per truck)

  • Drone Fertilizer Hub:
    → minimum Fertilizer required: 18 Units (currently 10 units)

  • Fast Neutron Reactor:
    → minimum Enriched Uranium required: 102 units (currently 100 units).
    → minimum Water storage: 52 units, (currently 25 units)

  • Neural Processor Factory:
    → minimum Microchip required: 18 units (currently 16 units)

  • VR Edutainment Factory:
    → minimum Holo Display required: 18 Units (currently 16 units)

  • Radiation Core Factory:
    → minimum Reinforced Iridium required: 18 Units (currently 16 units)

  • AI Control Unit Factory:
    → minimum Sensor required: 22 Units (currently 20 units)

  • Magnetic Field Generator:
    → minimum Superconducting Coil required: 22 units (currently 20 units)

  • Colossal Adamantine Drill:
    → minimum Superconductor required: 34 units (currently 32 units)

  • Nuclear Power Plant
    → minimum Water required: 31 Units (currently 25 units)

this needs to happen badly. I am about to go through another pop crash because apparently places can’t get enough… it actually linked to the Collecting and Dis Centres. long story short. I am making 1000 more chems than I need. yet my Industrial Chem lab can’t get enough chems. so other industry’s that us industrial chemicals lab, i.e nano tubes, are crashing.

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