Building pipes freezes and sometimes can crash the game

Most of the time when I connect a pipe to another very long pipe the game freezes up to 10 s. And just now when I tried it, it crashed the game. The city is on the new map with about 2000 citizens and this happened when connecting to a metane pipe that comes from a metane mine quite far away.

I can confirm this bug… except it takes, for me, up to a minute to recover :frowning:

It seems to work a little bit faster if I remove the metane tanks. They’re not really needed since the pumps holds a decent amount.

Just have been testing a bit… and it seems the effect, at least for me, is mainly existing on methane pipes (dont know why). Tanks dont change much for me.

I couldnt really measure it but i have a gut feeling that using sectors reduces the problem but i i cant really nail it down…

thanks for the report, this is fixed now!

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