Building driveway placement a slight gripe - moves after road placement

I am not sure why but I cant get the habitat driveway to be on the same road as all the others. I deleted the other road and placed it down. But as soon as I put the road back the driveway moved. Any suggestions as to how to fix this? See the images below for what I mean. (fps is low because the game loses focus when I screenshot using my systems screenshot tool)


Follow this one… Have the same issue :expressionless:

You can select which way the drive goes by slightly moving the mouse just off center in the direction you want it to go.

Right -

I find it easier to just place the building down then use the move tool to slightly drag it over.

Left -

Down -

Thank you!. It is just annoying that it changes when you put a road next to the building. It worked for the housing but it did not work for the Atmosphere Processor. The processor just rotated but the road stayed in the same place.

No worries, I only joined this community today, only been playing the game for a week and it took me a while to figure it myself.

Oh yeah, seems like a little bug.

You can also use the move tool hold down the mouse button and press ‚ÄėE‚Äô but same with the Atmosphere Processors.

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