Bugs i've seen during play

Im sure some if not most of these are already known.
This is my second play, got a much better layout able to go alot larger with the city and supplies, loads of potential to expand.

  1. From almost the very start of the game, as soon as you place down your first structures, you get that flickering from the top corner of the screen, this tends to get a little worse as your city grows, doesnt stop you from playing, it is a little annouying, worst is when you zoom out the camera and move around the map.

  2. I’ve seen some strange roads, where it looks like the road has folded slightly, removing it and placing the road back down, it comes back, the main road through my city has a piece like this, even though that was a long straight road placment, I’ve watched the trucks, they flicker as they drive over it, but i havnt seen any disapeaer. (screenshot) Other roads i had like this i simply deleted and put them back down in small sections or slightly different angle which fixed it.

  3. I did have some roads that looked fine when zoomed in but when your zoomed out they look like parts are under the sand or not connected, gameplay is fine and when you zoom back in, the road is all good.

  4. abit of a pathing issue with the trucks when you have larger long roads, they take U turns at what looks like strange points instead of just turing into the house, again though i havnt seen any disapearing which is great, its like they will only turn right into a location instead of crossing lanes.

  5. The fertilizer and survivalfood building, the white leaf icon on the side, when you zoom out that icon flickers, seems only the fertilizer building and the survivalfoods building does it, others dont.

  6. Reseaerch center needs looked at, even with all research done and waiting for the next level city, the center is still taking in research packs as if its doing reseaerch, watching it i seen that the trucks deliver the pack but inside it doesnt add on, easy fix for this is to delete the research center and rebuild it, since you have no research it doesnt request anything.

  7. Not as much a bug but i do hope it changes… seems to me like its hard to supply your houses the 4th level upgrade stuff, supplying the goodfood, culture and robots, the blue bar inside habitats goes back down as fast as they go up, even having a large supply this is difficult, on the reverse side, its easy to get a large population on level3, that seems well balanced.

right now I’ve deleted the robots, trying to see what it takes to get all the houses in the main city maxed out on goodfood and culture.

Reading other peoples bugs about roads im pleasantly surprised, im using all road types, default, double and triple with large highways connecting areas, no issues at all, looks great :slight_smile:

One thing that would be a great addition, even though it may seem a little silly, a settings or menu button you can click on, pretty much you can relax and play this with only the mouse, but when you want to finish or save, grab your keyboard for the Esc button :smiley:

Hope this helps a little, really to like this atm, just relaxing, playing this while listening to youtube.

I think the flickering is the autosave, I think LOL Looks as though it is graphic screen rippling. Road I can agree on, depends on where you put the road. Elevation of the map has a lot to do with it. Well done on using the big roads bty. The trucks use the road connection nodes to turn around. If you put the nodes close together they will deliver faster. I am using a 3.0 spacing, seems to work very well. I have noticed the flickering icons as well, for me it is the survivalfood that shows up more. Maybe because I have more of them. Good food I have noticed takes longer then the robots. With the same final number of credits received from each turn. As for Culture lol have 4 stadiums with 1100+ orders in each. Don’t think I am going the put 20 or so of them down. Have just over 3200 working now and almost impossible to move around the map. using low graphic settings did not help. So far I have enjoyed the game, making the town with right hand truck turning has been a great challenge :slight_smile:

I havnt quite got the goodfood fixed for my city yet, the stadiums isnt as bad as first thought, looks like 1 stadium can supply 7 or 8 habitats depending on distance, i have 8 of them around my city, culture is maxed out on most

what iv worked out so far…
for every 6-8 lvl3 habitats you need this to get them to next lvl: (6-8 depending on distance travelled)
1 stadium
2 meal makers
2 robot makers

putting that with a high population is easier said than done tho lol
i have a huge food area setup with the road cut off, is awsome watching it when i connect the road to test if its enough, trucks pour out at some speed :slight_smile:

Tempted to double pop and see if its easier or harder to manage with everything increased

Thanks for the reports!

I’ve added them to my great list of todos. We will focus on the most important fixes and city level 4 balancing first.

It seems when you get into multiple thousands of inhabitants, traffic simulation performance takes a hit. We will optimize that, but it’ll take more time than the bugfixes.