Bugs in the game


Love the game and been playing it quite a bit lately.

Wanted to submit some bugs and see if you guys would have suggestions for me. (It may not be a bug but the fact that I dont’ know how to play)

  1. I put in the sand “miners” and they dig for sand and then at some point the storage fills up and the message “outgoing storage is full.” What is supposed to happen is that trucks automatically carry the sand from the “miners” to where sand is needed. If no buildings need sand, then I can understand sand not getting delivered, but then I do see where various buildings need sand. I still see “outgoing storage full” message. I had it happen with copper before and I removed all the miners and roads and then trucks started delivering it and more copper was being mined. Another time I added more roads and that helped the truck start to deliver from the site.

  2. I figured out trains. I added 4 stations. When I finally got trains added, it worked great at first. Then I made some small adjustments to the track and the number of trains and then I noticed that the trains were still going on its train-schedule, but were no longer carrying any items. The cars had stopped going to the station. There might be a reason for this happening, but I’m not sure why.

There might be more “bugs” but I will start with these 2.

Honestly not sure if these 2 are even “bugs” but that is what I am calling it for now. It might just be that I don’t know how to play and there might be a gameplay way of fixing this.

I love the game and going to keep playing.


So, for the last 2 days, road editing has been impossible altogether.

Hi @brock!

  1. Hover your mouse of the incoming storage of the sand consumers. Are cars incoming? If there are cars incoming, deliviery taking time is the reason. Otherwise you can check if you have any districts set up.

  2. Are the cars going another way? If they are, that other way is quicker than the train.

@Pacevalue I answered in your thread.

Restarting a new game fixed the issue. sent the save file to the Dev team

Hi, did you send the save recently? In the last couple of days I have not received any saves via email.