Bugs in Terraforming Update


I tried this with both a saved game and a new one:
1- Buildings no longer show an icon overlay for missing items. For example building without power no longer show the red icon with yellow thunderbolt . This applies to all resources.

2- These shortcuts do not work: P, C, T. I remapped them to the same keys with no luck.

3- LOD looks rough like anti aliasing is not working.

On a positive note, performance is great.

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Hey thanks for the report, noted!

We’re gonna start a big bugfixing session on Monday and may start on some important bugs before that.

Add to this list, certain animations are broken. Some of my mines move in a very blocky fashion while other miners of the same type do not. Also, the game does not (and perhaps never did) remember the name of my city when I do a manual save, even if I’ve manually saved it before.

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