Bugs and feedback


I am now 13h in and in general it’s nice piece of game.
But I got some findings to share:

Small usability things:
-Moving tool is effected by grid snapping but if you are not building anything is not visible.
=> You have to select something to build to get access snapping button.

-When you are building road (have ghost of road) you often notice that you have wrong modifiers. You can click modifiers but it wont be effective until you cancel building and start it again. Very small but when you are continuously cancelling and reclicking the road it’s start to get annoying.

-When you are trying to connect roads with angle snap it respect angle until you snap to another road. At least when another road has connection point on close but it could happen some other situations too, dont remember.

-Nofication “Electric network 3 does not hava enough power” notification could be slightly more useful. After building looot of stuf I got this error. Only problem was that I tought I had only 2 electric networks and had no clue where this disconnected grid might be. Make notification clickable or make otherway easy to see underpowered buildings.

-Consider adding tutorial for district feature. I had some feedback for lack of it but found mention about it from different post :smiley:

More serious ones:
-I have currently mission to connect two electric network but they don’t seems to connect. Even if they seems to be connected, they actually arent (one of connected pole is “electric network 1” and another “electric network 2”. Also after trying to rebuild poles, new poles were not working nor clickable at all. You could move and remove them but regular click to see pole status did not work for that particular pole. Only thing comes to my mind is that issue place has extremely high elevation difference.

Hi @Riso, thanks for the feedback!

Most of these are already on our list and we’ll release an improvement for the electric network message on Friday.

The power pole connection distance also counts vertical distance. If they are too far apart in 3d space, they won’t connect. Let me know or send a screenshot if you don’t think that’s the issue.

1: а вот у меня сеть разделилась на 2 ,это я понял когда пришло сообщение недостаточно энергии в 3 третий сети ,не критично
2: так же я заметил иногда ошибки соединений надо было сохранить, например есть места в которых дорога сгибается вверх или вниз посередине участка к таким участкам могут дома не присоединятся,
пояснение там был камень при повторном приложение вылез на дорогу

3: мнение зачем нужны поезда если есть супермагистрали
проверьте следующее цена замены 3 полосного одностороннего шоссе на 3 полосную магистраль


Finally got some time to get back to this. Issue was that visually wires connected but electric networks still were distinct. However I am unable to reproduce this anymore. Maybe its fixed by latest patch.

Have to say you have done something right here. I like very much organic feel where growth causes immediate demand spike accross your supply chain within constant maintanance / consumption pressure. But yeah, have a nice Christmas and try to get some rest too.

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