Buggy roads - visual bug

Its maybe a visual but I see 1 or 2 frames the truck flips sideways and its really…anoying? or more like…it strikes bad feeling when you see 1000 trucks nonstop flicker sideways

It happens on 2 places

1st one:

2nd one

yeah same happend to me very annoying bug

I have phenomenon all over the place. So much that I started to not see it anymore. Probably happens because there is a tiny position difference (potentially vertical position) which makes it impossible for the roads to connect smoothly. Just a guess.

I noticed the first one seems to occur when the road heights differ by 0.1 units.
Pushing them to the ground and raising them back seems to resolve it, though its not easiest thing to do when you’ve got roads triple decked :smile:
Happens a lot for me when I switch between the snap to grid and no grid views when building roads.

The 2nd one is annoying. Can’t ever get that transition smooth between single/double lane roads.

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