Bugged Train Station / transportation issue

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Train station is bugged. Delivered goods stay stucked in train station without being delivered outside both by car (outbond) and by other train toward next station. Example, i have 218pzs fo alluminium alloy, stucked in one train station; if i stop the traffic cars INTO train station, leaving only the carring out, nothing happend. Alluminiun and other goods rest stucked in the station anyway (no car, no train), also if station is not used to DROP IN new items.

My SUGGESTION for developers, untill you will fix all the bugs, WHY DON’T PUT A “RESET” BUTTON? Something that players can use just to reset the traffic and delivery AI system during the game, to fix eventual problems.

I’ve been experiencing a similar frustration with trains; I’m fairly certain I’ve at least been able to identify the bug and a (painful) fix.

I started with four neighborhood/mini stations, one large station, and one main station. Each mini station was served by its own line. All four lines shared tracks, the main, and the large station. Each of the four lines took slightly different but overlapping paths to and through the stations.

Then I made some changes to the track layout trying to get my trains to pass more efficiently through the station. That’s when things got strange. Trucks had a valid path through the network until they entered a station. Then they got stuck. Everything north of the revisions was unaffected. Downstream from the layout change, the mini stations stopped being served.

Thousands of goods started to collect at my stations. They were just stuck. It was if changing the tracks and stations didn’t update the goods’ routing between stations.

The fix? I had to delete all of my stations and lines and rebuild the stations. I didn’t change any of the tracks except to build the last segments to the replacement stations. Once I added the lines to run to these new stations, goods started to flow again.

I tried deleting my lines and re-adding them and deleting individual stations and re-adding them. I wasn’t able to get goods flowing again until I deleted everything. It’s possible that I could have gotten by with just rebuilding the main station, but I didn’t try that.

I have a save game file of when the goods stopped moving if you’re interested.

Hope this helps!

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