Bugfix Update and how to play InfraSpace after Steam Next

Hello everyone!

I just finished uploading an update that fixes a bunch of things and adds 2 new languages (thanks to the community translators!).

If you find any more bugs, please let me know! If you send your save file to me (daniel@dionicsoftware.com), tracking it down will be easier. Thanks!


  • Fixed 2 bugs that prevented you from loading your saves
  • Fixed a bug that disconnected power networks by mistake
  • Fixed translation issues
  • Camera can now move closer to the edges of the map
  • Small performance improvements for larger cities
  • Added Italian Language
  • Added Chinese Language

What comes after Steam Next?

If you’ve discovered InfraSpace through the Steam Next Fest: Welcome!
We hope you enjoyed our demo! If you did, don’t forget to wishlist it :slight_smile:

We are going to keep working on InfraSpace to add more features, work on quality of life issues and fix bugs to prepare it for release.

We’ve been releasing updates every week to our playtesters and we plan to continue doing so in the future. You can sign up to become a playtester on our website: https://infraspace.dionicsoftware.com/

We run our playtests off Steam because our newest versions will contain some bugs and we don’t want to make a bad impression to the Steam audience. If you’d like to check out the newest developments and are not deterred by some bugs, you can sign up as a playtester.

We also post our update notes each Friday, so you’re welcome to check back here anytime!