Bug with the colonist needs

I don’t understand why, but sometimes the needs of my colonist are fullfild, and sometimes, even if the item is in there room, the need is still there oO

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Hi Chappoe,

The colonists want “new” furniture, so you can’t just move a dresser into their room, but you need to build a new one in their room. Maybe this is confusing you? Sorry for not being clear about that.

If you’re sure that even by building something new the wish is not fulfilled, please send me the save game!
That way I can investigate if there is a bug :slight_smile:

mmmmh I’m pretty sure that I was building new ones.

I deleted the game thos, resaved the new one over it… sorry :zipper_mouth_face:
If it happens again I will send you the save for sure

Sure, no problem! Next time then :slight_smile:

for desires, not wishes. you can move the bed in and out of house, or change ownership.
you prevent wishes for furniture already built by making sure they always have what they need.

old furniture is re-used to prevent wishes to appear. conditions just need to be met, and do changes to house with the game on pause to make sure the colonist’s home you are changing doesn’t get angry thinking you have destroyed his home.

don’t delete furniture, put it in a different house and use it again.

for the colonist with the biggest house desires, move his bed out of house and see the desires go red, move it back in and see it go green. this is the game registering house and furniture. the same happens when completing final segment of a outer wall.

the error that’s being done is letting the colonist do wishes while he have his previous wishes in ruins.

if you don’t do wishes, but also let the game run with previous wishes removed. the colonist will have mood reaction of jealousy and will very easily break out in a tantrum without actually telling why.

and i think i have the solution to this error that we all end up getting hard lessons from:

put all furniture wishes, whether in room or house. into desires.

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