Bug: Unknown count of copies of structures built when placing buildings or networks

As of the pipes update, I’m getting a bug where eventually, if I attempt to place a structure of any kind, it will build many copies of that structure and then lock me out of any further control of anything practical for gameplay. I can still bring up all the menus as well as go through all the construction tabs, but am unable to select or place or move or delete any world object, be it a building, road, or even see what a resource is. I’m wondering if it’s just infinitely building the structure at the last location (cpu usage climbs continually and game begins to slow down once this bug appears) and that is locking me out of any other actions. This has happened with debug on and off, sandbox options on and off, but always on an old save. I haven’t tried a new game yet but I will soon and will update if it continues to have issues or if it’s time to start over on a new colony.

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