Bug: Sleeping Outside

I decided to delete the door/wall so I could build things in the livingroom and the colonists would consider the item to be in their bedroom. (Great help since the bookshelf takes so much space, and I could build one and fulfill three people’s wishes.)

Well I did that, then later I built a new exterior wall to make another bedroom… and deleted a wall segment that use to be part of the external wall. In that order. Suddenly all the colonists had bad status effect from their bed being outdoors.

However, if I delete one of the exterior walls, and rebuild it, then everyone’s happy again.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. build new exterior zone connected to a bedroom.
  2. delete wall between bedroom and the new zone.
  3. since that wall was an exterior wall when the zone was formed, the zone now thinks it is open to the outdoors.

I’d post pics, but the game crashed before I got screenshots, and it’s a couple hours past time for me to go to bed. :crazy_face:

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Thanks for the detailed report, I will try reproducing this later today!

A couple of days ago I started suspecting there was something bugged with the rooms, but didn’t have time to investigate yet.

Your game crashed though? Straight to desktop? I’ve never seen that, so could you send me the output_log.txt next to your savegames? Maybe this is also something I can fix. Link to guide to find your savegames.

Wirklich tolles Spiel, total suchtend^^ habe gestern auch etwas herumprobiert und etwas merkwürdiges beobachtet, ich fing an mit 3x3 Hütten und erweiterte diese zu nicht viereckigen (sondern 6 seiten) Häusern. Auf einmal dachten die bewohner alle sie hätten 3 Zimmer… nur weil ich bei einem Haus (glaub es war aus Stein) ein extra Schlafzimmer brauchte damit das bett als drinne zählt. Sprich alle Häuser hatten lediglich ein kleines Schlafzimmer aber es zählten 3 Räume.
Hat das Spiel probleme mit Ecken?^^

ansonsten super arbeit, habe jetz endlich mal 7 leute die sich nicht dauernd gegenseitig alles weghauen xD

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Hi Hans, welcome to the Forums!
Most of the people here speak english, but you’re encouraged to post in the german subforum.

Hi Hans, wilkommen im Forum! Die meisten Leute hier sprechen englisch, aber du kannst gerne auch im deutschen Unterforum posten.

Haha, I think that’s also related to the issue with rooms.
Also, thanks for the nice words :smiley:

Sorry, the crash to desktop was while something else was happening that interrupted me from putting together screenshots or making a short video.

The larger goblin base had just sent out a wave of attackers and I had paused while I was giving the colonists orders on how to defend the colony, I unpaused and while the goblins were walking towards us the game crashed.

I’ve played since then and began a new colony… but I’ll send you the output log file in case it helps.

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