Bug Saving

Hi, the game is sooo cool but I played 6 hours yesterday and today my savings are all disappeared.
Do you have same problem? I’ve not update the game, it’s the same as yesterday, same location.

continue like that, I love it!
(sorry for my english ^^)

When playing did you hit escape button and save game?

The game is not saved automatically.

Saving game work yesterday.

I did not play 6 hours in a row, I left and restarted the game several times in the day. the savings were there. It is today that they have disappeared.

Do you have antivirus that may have automatically deleted or safely stored the files? (check it’s history)

Depending on your windows version the save files are stored in your personal windows folder. Also meaning that if you are using a different windows account you may not have access to them.

If you have started the game, but cannot find the saved games. You are still be able to find the folder where they are/should be saved.

C:/users/appdata/yourwindowsusername/locallow/Oachkatzlschwoaf Interactive

You can search your computer for Oachkatzlschwoaf if you cannot find it.

or open setting, key config, open screen folder to find it easily
But it’s a strange situation, have you made anything that could delete your save ?

Do you have an older version of FF on your computer?
Let’s say your save files are from Alpha 6.1, but you start Alpha 6.0.3 by mistake one time. Alpha 6.0.3 does not recognize the 6.1 files and puts them in a separate folder, called “Alpha 6.1”.

If that is the case, you should be able to get your savefiles out of the Alpha 6.1 folder into the main savegame folder, start Alpha 6.1 and be done.
Be sure to delete the old version, so you don’t start it by mistake again.

Let me know if this is what’s happening and if that fixes it for you!

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I think it’s possible. I have 2 alpha on my computer (6.0.3 ans 6.1).
Thx for your answer, I try and will tell you if all it’s ok :slight_smile:

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Thx for answer. I found folder saved with my olds saveds.
But I started again. Now I know where to find them if I still have problems.

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