Bug: Research continues, despite ZERO employees assigned the sciences

  • Bunch of Blue, Green, Yellow, & Red science buildings
  • All research complete, except for Trains
  • Set all 4 colored sciences to 0 employees, because of a severe underemployment problem
  • Assigned Trains to be research, just to eliminate the annoying ‘Select research’ msg

Train research not only moved forward, but eventually completed … with no research employees. And no Industrial Robots or High Tech Tools either. (Both techs were research, but nothing was ever built.)

Maybe there were some research packs stored in the lab? It can store up to 30 packs of each type. Employees are only required in the science pack factories and not in the lab.

Also Industrial Robots or High Tech Tools aren’t required for the research of trains, which only requires Blue and Green science packs.

Know what you are talking about: The rectangular Research Labs building can hold up 30 units each of all 4 science types.

Even so, researched progressed 19% into the next level of trains, before I ended the game.